About Academy

Never in the past the people of tulunadu had unitedly waged a struggle for preserving and fostering Tulu, an important language belonging to the dravidian family of languages. Tulunadu being an abode of many languages and cultures and due to lack of encouragement from the administrative system, and due to the bling tascination of people towords English, Tulu faced the danger of of losing identity in it’s own land.

At such a critical time the taen leading lawyer of Mangalore, late S. R. Hegde on 4-1-1970 founded Tulukuta for preservation of Tulu, language and culture. Under the auspices of Tulukuta first ever Tulu world convention was first held at Mulki in the year 1994. Prof. Amrith Someshwar presided over the convention.The convention through a resolution urged the government to establish a tulu sahitya academy. As a result of relentless struggle of Tuluvas, Tulukuta and other Tulu organisations Tulu Sahitya Academy was establishe in 1994 when Mr.M Veerappa Moily was the Chief Minister of Karnataka. Prof. B.A. Viveka Rai,head of the kannada department, Mangalore university became the first president of the academy. He continued as president for the second term(1995-1998). The third team of the academy was headed by A. Balakrishna shetty, Polali(1998-2001),and the fourth by Dr. Vamana Nandavara (2001-2004), Mr.M.K. Seetharam kulal led the fifth team of Tulu Sahitya academy for the period (2005-2008).The academy activities steadily increased all these years. The sixth academy team was led by Dr. Palthady as it’s president (2008-2011). Recently as the term of Dr. Palthady came to an end, the government has appointed Mr. Umanath kotyan to lead the new academy team. Mr. Kotyan has taken over from Dr. Palthady recently. Dr. K. Devraj, the then registrar of Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara Buisness Management College, was appointed as the first registrar of the Academy. But since the post was reserved only for government officials, Kannada lecturer Dr Palthady Ramakrishna Achar was made registrar in 1996. Afterwards Mr S H Shivarudrappa and Dr Duggappa Kajekar ser ved as registrars of the Academy. Mr Chandrahasa Rai is the present registrar of the Academy.