Vision and Mission

The Kannada and Culture Department of Karnataka Government has evolved uniform common rules and regulations to achieve integrated and planned functioning of the activities of various academies under the department. Accordingly the aims and objectives of Karnataka Tulu Sahithya Academy are as follows:

1) To encourage study and research in the fields of Tulu language, literature, folklore, art and culture and to establish research centers and libraries for this purpose.
2) To co-operate with and encourage activities of similar academies in Karnataka and other places for development of Tulu language and literature.
3) The Academy will keep proper accounts of the expenditure of Government grants and funds collected from various sources as per the state norms and financial regulations regarding transparency in collection of public funds for academy activities. It will also provide
if donors demanded, details of the utilisation of the funds given by donors.
4)  The Academy organises seminars, workshops, dialogues, high level academic festivals in relation with subjects under its perview and these activities are of two types : Organising and conducting 1) activities directly by the Academy, 11) arranging  programmes and events
in collaboration with other organisations and bodies.
5) Giving proper suggestions when desired by Central and State Governments and Central Academies.
6) Academy publishes books on subjects under its jurisdiction as per the Karnataka Public Collections Transparency rules. Academy spends for its publications only 15 per cent of the amount earmarked for the year’s activities.
7) Academy collects information for its fileds of activities under its jurisdiction. It takes up programmes necessary for achieving its goals and objectives.
8) It prepares action plans and annual budjets within limits of its allotment at the beginning of the financial year and impliments the plan programmes accordingly.
9) Every year honours and awards are given by the Academy to talented persons in the fields of Tulu language, literature, art , folklore and research.
10) Karnataka Tulu Sahithya Academy accords honorary awards to persons not more than three for exceptional service in the fields of Tulu language, art, literature and culture every year. The award includes cash orf Rs 10,000, certificate of merit, shawl and Phala Tambula.

The Academy Committee and office-bearers are as follows:–

2)Members (13)
3)Representative of the director, an officer of the Dirrectorate of Kannada and Culture department.
4)Financial member, Assistant Director of District Kannada and Culture Department.

Details of Academy activities:

Academy programmes:-  Workshops, seminars, poets meet, memorial meetings  book release and literary and cultural meets which are supplimentary to development  of Tulu language. Awards and fellowships presentation programmes, honouring and felicitation of prize winning books, art festivals, “Yill Yilled Tuluvappe”, Tulu book sales camp-aign, celebration of golden jubilee of Indian independence, literary workshops, felicitations, endoment lectures and prize presentation, book releasing events, Tulu festivals, Tulu purba, centenary celebration Tulu litterateurs and artistes, decennial of Tulu Academy, monthly programmes to honour Tuluva personalities, organising Tulu classes for benefit of non- Tuluvas, Academy  programmes in collaboration with other organisations and with donations. Programmes were held outside Karnataka and the places included kasaragod, Mumbai, Chennai, Thiruvananthapura, Goa, Baroda, Pune, Surath, Delhi, Meeraj etc.

Academy publications:

As many as 29 works in Tulu and Kannada under “Madapperavandi Tuluver (Mareyabarada Tuluvaru , unforgettable Tuluvas) category of Acadmy publications, 26 books under “Makkaligagi Tulu kathegalu (Tulu stories for children) in Tulu and Kannada language. As many as 45 books under the categories of Academy publications, 17 books under  Suvarna Karnataka programme. Academy published a total of 170 books including 120 works under different categories and 50 issues of “Madipu” quarterly magazine of the Academy. In addition Sahitya Siri souvenir was also released. Madipu periodical has  opportunities to two to three thousand Tulu writers to write articles.